Welcome to the homepage of Nicolosa d’Isenfir (sometimes Nicolosa de Isenfir).

I am a dance mistress for the Shire of Isenfir based roughly out of Charlottesville, VA. I am also currently serving as Chancelier of the Atlantian Academie of Dance since 2017.

I believe that Renaissance dance is as art that is worthly serious study, practice of proper technique and skills to be performed at a high levels, while simultaneously promoting it as fun & welcoming to all.  Dance is skillful! Dance is Fun!

This site has three main areas of interest:

  • The About page for most information regarding my SCA activities both past & present.
  • The Class Documentation page that a chronological history of all classes I’ve taught (and handouts), balls I’ve led, and other items of note.
  • The Blog which has topics ranging from reconstruction of dances, to how to effectively run a ball, to announcement of our YouTube channel for the Academie!