16c Italian Advanced Practice Notes

Monthly I am hosting an Atlantian Advance dance practice.  March was 16th Century Italian themed.  We deep dive into history, technique, choreography.  Much of it does not lend itself to an online medium, but posting the notes that I did distribute to the group.

Sources used for 16C dance class:
The relationship between music and dance in Cesare Negri’s Le Gratie d’Amore (1602).  PhD dissertation by Pamela Jones.  Freely available at https://kclpure.kcl.ac.uk/portal/en/theses/the-relationship-between-music-and-dance-in-cesare-negris-le-gratie-damore-1602(0f624f09-6f4e-4ed2-8e18-205e1e535acc).html
“Le Gratie D’Amore” 1602 by Cesare Negri: Translation and Commentary. PhD dissertation by Gustavia Yvonne Kendall.  Only available through University Microfilms International.  Your university library might be able to get it for you for free. Or you can buy a pdf directly at https://dissexpress.proquest.com/search.html
Courtly Dance of the Renaissance By Caroso Translated by Sutton  https://smile.amazon.com/Courtly-Dance-Renaissance-Translation-Nobiltà/dp/0486286193/  (Out of print)

Lo Spagnoletto

Steps for Lo Spagnoletto by Gregory Bount

Lo Spagnoletto Video by Darius the Dancer

Musica Subterranea – Cornucopia album

Maraviglia d’Amore

Steps for Maraviglia d’Amore

Maraviglia d’Amore video by Darius the Dancer

Individual Couple Video

Musica Subterranea – Viaggi album



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